Risa Wheat

Risa Wheat Bio

Risa Wheat is the Director of Media and Editor at Carezma Entertainment. Her job includes writing and updating bios on Carezma talents and writing press releases on upcoming Carezma presented events. She provides reviews of local events around town if she is able to attend, and, that sometimes entails interviewing various people and personalities, which she incorporates into her reviews. Her job includes overseeing most communications and includes various forms of communication, including but not limited to media distribution, community journalism, and fine arts enthusiast.

With over thirty years of experience in the Entertainment Industry at KCBS -2/KCAL-9 and Warner Bros. television stations, Ms. Wheat is no stranger to deadlines, demanding clients, or difficult personalities. Her various positions often required juggling multiple tasks simultaneously and daily interactions with numerous departments. Attention to detail was crucial. Her connection to Carezma Entertainment spans many years, and now she is able to devote more time to expanding her career at Carezma Entertainment.

Ms. Wheat resides in Los Angeles and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts from Loyola Marymount University.

What is a Healing Shower? It's a time for loved ones to come together and celebrate positive energy before an ill family member goes off to receive intensive surgery, i.e. cancer. It's an occasion for wishing a person well on a safe and healthy road to recovery. A Healing Shower is similar to how we celebrate life's milestones - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers. The difference is that instead of wedding gifts, birthday presents and so on, guests arrive prepared to help the loved one with a deed(s), such as: taking the loved one to regular doctor's appointments, doing the laundry on a weekly basis, preparing meals three to four times a week, and many other tasks your loved one will need during this difficult time. The Healing Shower was written by Eloise Laws, an award-winning vocalist, Tony-nominated actress and breast cancer survivor. Eloise's Statement: This book is written to encourage and uplift all those feeling numb, shock, hopeless, abandoned, without direction, and at death's door. Such emotions are due to an illness that frequently traps patients in darkness searching for the light. When I first received the life-changing news, I was alone. It felt like a lifetime for the technician to get back with me with the results of the second test. I sensed that something was wrong. Then, she appeared and said, 'We need to contact your doctor to let him know that we should schedule a biopsy: because of what we found. I just sat there without the ability to move. MALIGNANT! I never thought in a million years that my breast would need a biopsy. But, right when the technician said I needed a biopsy: I knew. Deep in my gut, I distinctly knew that I had breast cancer! Within seconds, tears began softly falling from my eyes. Like countless women, this was a fearful time for me and my family. Following my lumpectomy, I quickly went into survival mode after being told, that this cancer was called DCIS - Ductile Carcinoma in-situ (a non-invasive breast cancer). Meaning that, it had not gone into the milk ducts of my breasts leading to other parts of my body. In essence, I was in Stage 1 of this type of cancer. The physician said that I had a good chance of survival! He said, "if you're going to have cancer, this is the best cancer to have." I said to him, you must be kidding! THERE IS NO GOOD CANCER! He went on to explain why he made that statement. Now I recognized that I was going to survive. I was determined to do everything in my power with the assistance of my doctors, family, and friends, to see to it that I achieved such an outcome. Thanks to God, I'm still here! I was determined to make myself feel good in light of my circumstances. As a woman I needed to continue feeling beautiful. So I went to the spa, had massages, manicures, pedicures, jumped into the Jacuzzi, and sweated like a prune in the sauna. After all of that, I landed in the chair of my hair stylist, Lake Payne. As I sat there, and we thought of how we celebrate life's milestones - wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and even deaths. The idea of The Healing Shower was born. We thought, why not celebrate this important event in my life, like I do all others? For, I'm grateful to God for all of the seasons of my life, I should be able to find joy while basking in the sunshine and walking in the rain." As I was reflecting and thinking of Eloise, my song, 'Shelter in the Rain' came to mind: When all the odds say there's no chance Amidst the final dance, I'll be your comfort through your pain I'll be your shelter in the rain" Stevie Wonder, Grammy award-winning, singer-songwriter, musician, political activist and philanthropist "Shelter in the Rain" is from Stevie Wonder's 2005 CD titled, A Time to Love