Eloise Laws


Eloise Laws, known to her fans simply as "El", is a world renowned Broadway actress, singer, and author with more than 30 years in the entertainment industry. She is critically acclaimed for her harmonious jazz, soul and R&B music. Laws' voice has resonated through continents with her signature, unique vocals, amazing musical expertise and easy-going style. Her superlative lyrics have been featured in songs like "Love Comes Easy", "Love Factory" You're Incredible and" Stay with me". These all are documented as her incredible and unforgotten work in great history of melodious jazz, blues and soulful R&B Music. Her new single, "Can't Let Myself, Hurt Myself", is an authoritative and demonstration to the power and independence of the female spirit and advocacy of women expressions and souls. This song is dedicated to all people, especially women. It calls for them to stand up and take back their inherent strength and role as a person. "Don't Move, Don't Blink", is a powerful composition enthusiastic to the alluring beauty and advocacy of love and romance. It opens new arena for the advocates of adoration and believing in oneself. Eloise's musical career has bestowed upon us with more than 5 Albums and CDs, as well as a career in the Theatre where she featured in and co-developed the musical, "It Ain’t Nothin’ ,but the Blues", which premiered at the Denver Center Theatre Company and opened on Broadway at the Lincoln Center’s Vivian Beaumont Theatre. This stellar, astonishing and stylish performance acknowledged four (4) Tony nominations considered as great addition to her majestic portfolio. Laws also received a Drama Desk nomination for Best Actress in a Broadway musical, and a Helen Hayes Award Nomination for her stunning performance at the Kennedy Center. Eloise Laws has never ceased creating extraordinary music. She continues to perform at sites worldwide, including Japan where she performed at the Cotton Club alongside her brother Hubert, Ronnie Laws and sister Debra Laws. She was bestowed the esteemed Cherry Blossom Award at the Tokyo Music Festival. She continues perform music festivals around the world including the Playboy Jazz Festival, the Long Beach Jazz Festival and many others. When performing on stage, Eloise commands a presence like that of no other. She melts the crowd's hearts, grabs their attention and holds their heart with her passionate unique vocal. Eloise Laws is a legendary songstress who continues to anoint music lovers and music connoisseurs with her amazing voice. Eloise Laws wears many hats in the intricate entertainment industry and possesses substantial talents of epic proportions when it comes to her versatility pertaining to ingenious musical innovation. Laws innovates on an exponential level coupled with instrumentation skills that go beyond the average musician. Her experience in the entertainment world has complemented her live performances, which adds another impressive dynamic supplemented by the brilliant ballad-style faculties she possesses. Her singing abilities for both mutually exclusive genres of jazz and blues set the foundation for raw talent that is untapped in this musical realm. The production of the songs in particular is immaculate in conception with the overall fullness and power of her voice enhancing the vibrancy of the compositions. The vintage style of Law’s music sets an endearing reminiscence of boundless music that has been altered to appeal to an ever-changing musical audience. Her dynamic ability to oscillate between jazz and blues orchestration is impressive and very rare of a musician to be ambidextrous in talents. The lavish vocals on the blues songs set the foundation as an additional instrument in the mixes. I would argue there is an element of soul/funk to her style that has a retroactive energy embedded in her music. The rhythmic style of singing going along with the improvisation in the vocal performance is extremely apparent giving a conscious feel dispersed within the brass, piano, strings and subtle percussion. Improvisation is an important element in both blues and jazz music that Laws expounds upon in her ballad- like singing capabilities and has been lost in the art of over planning. Occasionally, musicians even when recording should make a conscious effort to be present when recording an album and that is something that sets Laws apart from other aspiring artists. The harmonies of the melodies supporting the primary vocals layer a meshed intransient sound that really fulfills the songs she performs. Laws harness a wide subset of structural blues that fluctuates between minor and major chords which taps into the emotive abilities of her music. Her music is timeless in a sense that appeals to all generations and there is enough music in each subset that can appeal to a versatility of different music loving fans!

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What is a Healing Shower? It's a time for loved ones to come together and celebrate positive energy before an ill family member goes off to receive intensive surgery, i.e. cancer. It's an occasion for wishing a person well on a safe and healthy road to recovery. A Healing Shower is similar to how we celebrate life's milestones - weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and baby showers. The difference is that instead of wedding gifts, birthday presents and so on, guests arrive prepared to help the loved one with a deed(s), such as: taking the loved one to regular doctor's appointments, doing the laundry on a weekly basis, preparing meals three to four times a week, and many other tasks your loved one will need during this difficult time. The Healing Shower was written by Eloise Laws, an award-winning vocalist, Tony-nominated actress and breast cancer survivor. Eloise's Statement: This book is written to encourage and uplift all those feeling numb, shock, hopeless, abandoned, without direction, and at death's door. Such emotions are due to an illness that frequently traps patients in darkness searching for the light. When I first received the life-changing news, I was alone. It felt like a lifetime for the technician to get back with me with the results of the second test. I sensed that something was wrong. Then, she appeared and said, 'We need to contact your doctor to let him know that we should schedule a biopsy: because of what we found. I just sat there without the ability to move. MALIGNANT! I never thought in a million years that my breast would need a biopsy. But, right when the technician said I needed a biopsy: I knew. Deep in my gut, I distinctly knew that I had breast cancer! Within seconds, tears began softly falling from my eyes. Like countless women, this was a fearful time for me and my family. Following my lumpectomy, I quickly went into survival mode after being told, that this cancer was called DCIS - Ductile Carcinoma in-situ (a non-invasive breast cancer). Meaning that, it had not gone into the milk ducts of my breasts leading to other parts of my body. In essence, I was in Stage 1 of this type of cancer. The physician said that I had a good chance of survival! He said, "if you're going to have cancer, this is the best cancer to have." I said to him, you must be kidding! THERE IS NO GOOD CANCER! He went on to explain why he made that statement. Now I recognized that I was going to survive. I was determined to do everything in my power with the assistance of my doctors, family, and friends, to see to it that I achieved such an outcome. Thanks to God, I'm still here! I was determined to make myself feel good in light of my circumstances. As a woman I needed to continue feeling beautiful. So I went to the spa, had massages, manicures, pedicures, jumped into the Jacuzzi, and sweated like a prune in the sauna. After all of that, I landed in the chair of my hair stylist, Lake Payne. As I sat there, and we thought of how we celebrate life's milestones - wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and even deaths. The idea of The Healing Shower was born. We thought, why not celebrate this important event in my life, like I do all others? For, I'm grateful to God for all of the seasons of my life, I should be able to find joy while basking in the sunshine and walking in the rain." As I was reflecting and thinking of Eloise, my song, 'Shelter in the Rain' came to mind: When all the odds say there's no chance Amidst the final dance, I'll be your comfort through your pain I'll be your shelter in the rain" Stevie Wonder, Grammy award-winning, singer-songwriter, musician, political activist and philanthropist "Shelter in the Rain" is from Stevie Wonder's 2005 CD titled, A Time to Love