Carezma Entertainment Management is a boutique management company with over 15 years in the entertainment industry. Our focus is on the long-term artistic career linking our clients' unique vision to satisfying and successful projects on a global scale. Carezma Entertainment has developed into one of the best independent management companies representing Singers, Musicians, Actors, Writers and Authors.

The same entrepreneurial spirit that guides our artists development extends into the fields of performance, acting, music, writing, touring, commerce, festivals. licensing, branded, entertainment, screen writing, distribution, and artist-driven philanthropy.

Robin Parker is a highly consummate Entertainment Manager with over 15 years vast experience. She possesses an in-depth understanding of core business operations and legal ethics in the entertainment industry. As the CEO of CAREZMA Entertainment, Robin has been at the fore-front of various entertainment productions consistently creating innovative media solutions that result in profitable client’s satisfaction.

She is professionally recognized, and known for providing flawless execution and integration of real life scenarios into entertainment synergies. Her primary objectives are to build and maintain a contact base for her clients and to achieve high standard results in a competitive environment. Robin represents a multi-talented all in one personality with different category clients in the entertainment industry. Her vast array of clientele includes, but, is not limited to Singers, Musicians, Authors, Actors, Models, Entertainers, and Screenplay Writers.

Robin’s success can be attributed to possessing and balancing a unique combination of financial management expertise, strong leadership skills, and an innate ability to identify winning properties. These attributes have abetted her in enhancing and coordinating the public relationships between her clients and the media, radio, promoters, producers, and social media associates. Her talents include identifying, packaging, and producing high-quality franchise oriented entertainment properties.

She easily adapts in complex environments when working with senior teams of managers, distributors, producers, promoters, performers, and other c-level professionals. Her job as an entertainment manager spans from booking venues for performers, managing budgets and events, publicizing her clients and conducting the required all-important performance and event complimentary research..

Having vast experience of general management, entertainment ethics and its professional responsibility, it creates an easy ride for her working with renowned artists, actors, writers, authors, play writers, screenwriters, and entertainers. Robin is a strategic thinker with a recognized ability to handle various organizational functions and lead productive teams in exceeding organizational goals. Her attention to detail, her positive approach, and her ability to recognize and utilize talents in others all contribute to her continued success.

She is a native of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Robin can be contacted at carezma0123@gmail.com and carezma.com