Carezma Entertainment Management is a boutique management company with over 15 years in the entertainment industry. Our focus is on the long-term artistic career linking our clients' unique vision to satisfying and successful projects on a global scale. Carezma Entertainment has developed into one of the best independent management companies representing Singers, Musicians, Actors, Writers and Authors.

The same entrepreneurial spirit that guides our artists development extends into the fields of performance, acting, music, writing, touring, commerce, festivals. licensing, branded, entertainment, screen writing, distribution, and artist-driven philanthropy.

Robin Parker is an immensely experienced Entertainment Manager and has been involved in the entertainment industry for a period of more than 15 years. Robin has been the CEO of an Entertainment Management Company called Carezma Entertainment Management and has organized and managed renowned entertainers and has assisted them in attaining the credential professional career success. She has an extensive entertainment legal background which adds to her ability as a manager.

As an entertainment manager, Robin’s primary objective is to build and maintain the contact bases for her clients and focuses majorly on working for the client’s best interest. Robin represents Singers, Musicians, Authors, Actors, Models, Entertainers, and Screenplay Writers and has worked with numerous renowned artists like Eloise Laws, Nicole Simms, Jaman Laws, and Mildred Dumas. Robin holds a great set of coordination skills that has abetted her in enhancing and coordinating the public relationships between the clients and the media, radio, promoters, producers, and social media associates. Robin also acquires a formidable set of project management and people skills that has assisted her in managing the professional career of her client.

Robin works in the collaboration of mangers, distributors, producers and promoter, performers, and other professionals and organizes and leads them in working for the client’s best interest. Robin job as an entertainment manager also involves booking venues and performers, managing budgets and events and does also publicize her clients and conduct the required all-important performance and event research as well.

Having vast experience of managing and working with renowned artists writers, authors, play writers, screenwriters, and entertainers, Robin has acquired such communication and reasoning skills that have aided her in assessing the clients' abilities from talent to physical condition and has helped her in crafting a plan that suits her client’s needs the best.